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YOUR Ideal Investment - depends on your goals, risk acceptance, & lifestyle

“We are a group of investors that live and love Costa Rica and bring all of our unique set of qualities, backgrounds and networks to assist You to identify your ideal investment that will provide you with the greatest financial and personal satisfactory returns"

YourIPG provides concierge type of consultation, property search, research & data analysis, due diligence and risk management services to properly maximize each and every investment for our clients. We believe in properly matching each investor’s unique investment criteria and goals with the right type of investment category and property in the ideal location with the proper partners to achieve the maximum return.

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Real Estate Investments

Real estate makes for a great investment as a hard asset tends to hold its value, generate more stable returns, and therefore less vulnerable to the volatility of other investment classes and markets. Costa Rica is popular amongst foreigners who own a second, vacation, retirement or investment property. In Costa Rica, international home buyers enjoy the same ownership rights as nationals do so buying titled property is common and as long as you work with a respectable lawyer and notary, it is safe.

Why Costa Rica real estate investments are popular 

Lower Acquisition Cost


  •             Premier land for a relatively low price
  •             Lower labor cost to construct

Low Holding Costs:

  •             Low real estate taxes
  •             Low insurance
  •             Low labor = low maintenance   

Relatively high returns:

  •             Appreciation – Equity
  •             High long term rental returnslack of inventory
  •             High short term rental returns – luxury service that is affordable 

How Involved do you want to get?

Active vs. Passive.   Some people like to play an active role in operating and managing their investments whereas others prefer to be hands off and only want to receive financial reports.  Some investment activities like short term leasing or developing land commercially are more time consuming no matter who manages it.   Whereas long term leasing and speculative residential, commercial and land holding investments can be less time and labor intensive.  Every investor is unique and we therefore adapt to our client’s investment preferences.

Real estate investors from North America and Europe flock to Costa ana-martinez-bbsIrb3Cj-I-unsplash.jpgRica for several reasons.

“Even though there is a lot to be said about why Costa Rica is famous for its natural beauty, “being green”, ideal climates, political stability, economic prosperity, healthy lifestyle and friendly people; we will focus herein on describing the different real estate investment classes most commonly found in Costa Rica.  Additionally, we take a look at key indicators from the tourism and retirement sectors who directly affect the real estate industry as a whole”

Let us Focus on the following real estate investment types:

  1. Residential 
    1. Vacation Rentals
    2. Long-term Rentals
    3. Speculative
  2. Commercial
  3. Land
    1. Development Land
    2. Agricultural Land
    3. Reserves
    4. Homesites